Otočke zime prevedene u pjesme – slučaj šoltanskog Mjesnog odbora

Nedjelja 16.9.2018.


Translating the Island Winters into Songs – The Case of the band Mjesni odbor (Island of Šolta) 

The paper discusses the consctruction of the nexus of island(nes)s and phenomenon of otočki rock [island rock] through a case study of the Mjesni odbor, a band from the Island of Šolta (Croatia). Elements of stereotyping common in public media discourse, which are usually refering to the idealization of the island as sunny and fairytale place where people can rest and not think about the "real time" and "real world", are here put in opposition with narratives which construct the other side of the "island story" – that of the island life during winter times. Reading through several songs of the Mjesni odbor band, in which its members narrate this "other side" of the island life, the paper seeks to point out the ambivalence of the island imaginations, the multiplicity and ambiguity of the perception of islands, as well as the reality and differences of poetic framing of islands in the songs of musicians "thinking about" the island and musicians "living (with)" the island. 



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