Izvješćivanje o stanju prirodnog kapitala

Nedjelja 16.9.2018.


Reporting the Status of Natural Capital


Natural capital, which constitutes the richness of a nation in terms of wellbeing, since it provides valuable goods and services to people such as clean air, clean water, food and recreation, is under growing cumulative pressure. That is mainly the result of its mismanagement, also owing to the fact that its full value is not reflected in socio-economic policies and choices despite its fundamental importance for society's welfare. Some progress has been made in designating some areas for conservation, but the funds are often insufficient and there is no political will to enforce a genuine protection of wildlife or other services. One of the ecosystem categories includes cultural services – physical, intellectual, spiritual and symbolic interventions of humans into ecosystems, landscapes and seascapes. Conservation measures of natural resources are more likely to succeed if local communities are given ownership of them, share benefits, and are involved in decision-making processes. More involvement of local communities in decision-making preserves traditional knowledge about the functioning of natural systems and contributes to finding more effective ways of their protection. The Republic of Croatia should preserve its natural capital in the interest of its people, its ecosystems and the economy, which depends thereon. Like some other nations who introduced regular reporting and appropriate indicators, it should be proactive in devising the tools to measure the performance in preservation of natural capital.



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