Irski Otoci – zajednice na margini

Utorak 18.9.2018.


  • Dip Arts (Linguistics) CPC (Transport) , Máirtín Ó Méalóid, Cape Clear Island Development Cooperative (Comharchumann Chléíre Teoranta, Ireland)

The Irish Islands, “Communities on the Edge”

The Irish Islands are endeavouring to get the Irish Government to develop specific island policies that would help to safeguard these vulnerable offshore communities in an age of urbanisation. Throughout Ireland and indeed globally there is a move towards urban living. This has affected the islands in particular. Specific policies need to be developed to counter this trend. 

This presentation will address the current situation including the access to funding and how the islands are supported financially to provide basic necessary services, and also the reasons why financial support without realistic island policies is not enough.

 All of the Irish inhabited islands have a development officer who is dedicated to the sustainability of the island lifestyle and culture, but without realistic island policies their work is frustrating as they try to fight the very system that is paying them, in an effort to fulfil their role in favour of the island communities.

Specific information will be presented that will outline the situation regarding various elements of the Irish Island’s needs, and the ways in which they could be addressed if there was political will and if the attitude towards islands could be changed.



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