…dižem sidro i odlazim… – otok kao glazbenikov samonametnuti kreativni egzil

Nedjelja 16.9.2018.


  • dr. sc., Mojca Piškor, Muzička akademija, Sveučilište u Zagrebu

... dižem sidro i odlazim...1 – Island as a Musicians'  Self-imposed Creative Exile  

The author tries to interpret the complex relationship of islands and musics by looking into personal experiences of musicians that have at one point in their careers decided to make the island the locus of their "creative exile". The decision of musicians to replace their non-island homes and creative spaces with the island ones, raises important questions in which one can detect traces of disjuncture between island as geographic fact, lived experience, cultural construct and/or figment of imagination. Through reflection on the musicians' experiences of creative process evolving on (and in some cases with) the island, this paper tries  to look at the island as a creative space in which the realities of island life, often seen as source of frustration (such as imposed and inevitable isolation), become source of artistic inspiration. By offering interpretation of this (within the field of Croatian ethnomusicology hitherto under-researched) aspect of music-making on islands, the author hopes to contribute to the growing field of island music studies.

1 I'm weighing the anchor and sailing away... is a fragment of song lyrics by one of the Croatian musicians, who in recent years have made the island their creative home.



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