dr. sc. Mojca Piškor

Muzička akademija, Sveučilište u Zagrebu



Mojca Piškor earned her PhD in ethnology and cultural anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb with the thesis Politics and Poetics of Spaces of Music: Ethnomusicological and Anthropological Perspectives (2010). From 2001 she has been affiliated with the Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research in Zagreb. Since 2013 she is permanently employed as an assistant professor of Ethnomusicology at the Musicology Department of the Academy of Music in Zagreb. Her field of interest includes traditional and popular musics of western and non-western world; issues pertaining to the nexus of music and politics (racial imagination, gender, censorship) and intersections of music and discourse on music. In the recent years she focused her research interests on use of music as a tool of torture in socialist political labour camps as well as on research of gendered aspects of working lives and labour rights of professional musicians in Croatia. (nije prisustvovala simpoziju)



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