MA Klara Zečević Bogojević

Muzička akademija, Sveučilište u Zagrebu



Klara Zečević Bogojević is MA student of Musicology at the Zagreb Academy of Music and of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb. She has participated in several student field research projects: "People Did Not Know How to Appreciate It - About Independent Ethnographic Collections of Međimurje County" (2015), "The Relation of Young People to Their Own Musical Tradition in the Area of Central Istria" (2016), "Aspects of the Contemporary Music Life of Croats in Srijem (Serbia)" (2017); research on traditional food in the area of central Istria,  for the needs of the Pula festival "Watch What You Eat" (2017); research on the island of Šolta, concentrating on the phenomenon of island rock through the Mjesni odbor band (2018) and archival and field research on the history and present state of sevdalinka genre in Zagreb (2018). Her paper "The Aspects of Contemporary Music Life of Croatians in Srijem" is awaiting publication in the coming issue of Yearbook of Scientific Research published by the Institute for Culture of Croats in Vojvodina. (nije prisustvovala na simpoziju)



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