kulturni antropolog Elisabeth Luggauer

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Elisabeth Luggauer (born 1987 in Klagenfurt, Austria) is a cultural anthropologist, educated mostly in Graz. She focuses on urban anthropology and multispecies-ethnography in urban spaces, especially in the context of the Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean. In 2014, she took part at the Research and Exhibition Project Graz. Offene Stadt by the Department of Cultural Anthropology (Graz University), the Graz Academia and the Graz Museum. Since 2015, she is working on her PhD about co-existence of humans and stray dogs in the urban culture of Podgorica. After a lengthier fieldwork in Podgorica (Montenegro) in 2016, and following her tenure as a guest researcher at the Department of European Ethnology in Turku (Finland), she is currently employed at the Department of European Ethnology/Volkskunde at the Würzburg University in Germany.



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