dr. sc. Darko Radović , Davisi Boontharm



Davisi Boontharm is an accomplished academic in the field of architecture and urban design from the Meiji University, Tokyo, International Program in Architecture and Urban Design. Her international career path stretches from France, via Thailand, Singapore and Australia, to Japan. Davisi’s research and teaching field is interdisciplinary and cross-cultural, with strong emphasis on environmental and cultural sustainability. Her research focuses on creative urban environments, which she perceives as a resource for requalification. She has published several research books and a number of academic papers. Her passion for cities also finds its expression in creative work. She has exhibited her drawings and paintings in Japan, Croatia and Italy.

Darko Radović is a professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the Keio University, Tokyo, and a visiting professor at the United Nations University, Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability and Politecnico di Milano, DASTU. He has taught, researched and practiced in the fields of sustainable architecture, urban design, planning and strategic thinking in Europe, Australia and Asia. At the Keio University, Darko leads architecture and urban design research laboratory co+labo radović, a strategic Comprehensive Design Workshop and coordinates a Keio Architecture Initiative. His work was published in English, Serbo-Croatian, Japanese, Korean, Italian and Thai languages.



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