Tuvalu is the second smallest island state in the world

Tuvalu is the second smallest island nation in the world

26 km2 11,468 century Vaiaku capital of Funafuti Atoll

Protestant missionaries came to the islands in the mid-19th century, and in 1892 the United Kingdom proclaimed a protectorate. October 1st. 1978 Tuvalu becomes a parliamentary monarchy within the Commonwealth. About 1,000 tourists visit Tuvalu annually (2016: 2,000 tourists). Government revenue comes mostly from philately and leasing an Internet domain. GDP per capita is about $ 1,100 (according to the Croatian Encyclopedia $ 2,800), in Croatia $ 12,480. Fruit and fisheries are the main economic resources on the islands.

The inhabitants of Tuvalu are the Polynesians, who make up 94% of the population. The capital is the village of Vaiaku (516 c., 2002) on Fongafale Island in Funafuti Atoll. Those who like diving will be fascinated by the reefs and corals. The main business is export of raw materials: dill, textile and pandanus. Palm trees and fishing remain traditional ways of life for Tuvalu residents to survive. Although it is a place with great tourist potential, the country does not use it intelligently. There is only one hotel in the whole territory. Airline tickets are relatively expensive, and you can save by boat to Tuvalu. The only problem is that the boat trip takes 3 days. There are no ATMs on the island and no cards are received anywhere, even in hotels. Not even the internet.

Tuvalu maintains diplomatic relations with the Republic of China (Taiwan), which is also the only nation to have a permanent embassy on the island of Tuvalu. Taiwan is one of the largest donors of financial aid. Tuvalu maintains good relations with the Nauru Micronesia in which about 300 Tuvalu nationals work on a temporary basis.


Eddie in Tuvalu

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The beauty of Tuvalu Island

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Tuvalu Funafuti Centre ville, Gopro / Tuvalu Funafuti City center, Gopro

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