Boško Budisavljević


In seven years at the Anatomy of the Island Workshops, students have produced 33 works. Impressive number. How do these works look like? They can be classified in the class of design architectural plans. This means that on several sheets, the drawing and the text explain the idea. The authors are student groups of 4 - 6 students from various faculties. They have 5 days available. Proposals are presented to the professors - mentors twice, both at the beginning and before the end. After that, the completed works are publicly displayed to residents.


The works, along with the catalog, are exhibited in several cities in the country and abroad. All are permanently stored on the web site What are the reactions of the local population on the islands where they were working, in our examples of Vis and Lastovo? In short, the reactions are none. Residents rarely react to these suggestions, although they are simple, easy to understand and always refer to existing situations. Unlike the local population, visitors to exhibitions in other cities show interest. The best proof is the ARTUR award awarded by the Society of Architects Zagreb to the Anatomy of the Island in a fairly strong competition.


Where is the misunderstanding? Why at least local government is not interested in proposals that are easy to implement and do not require large funds. I do not have a clear answer. Local governments and partly fund these works through funding associations. So then, at least practically, they do not talk to developers. No matter how associations registered on these islands and members participate in everyday life, never talk about it.


We also had the case of realizing a small pavilion. The local government participated in the program, assisted in realization, opened the pavilion solemnly. After only a few days the pavilion was devastated. It was repaired again and again devastated! In an anonymous poll, the boys who used the pavilion admitted that they liked them, they used it but did not behave properly. A valuable object, obtained free of charge, is destroyed.


It is certainly the question of what is wrong here and whether there is any benefit from these international workshops. I would say it has multiple benefits. This is primarily for participants, students and mentors. They got to know each other, worked together, and made sure they had contacts for the future. There were also direct organizers, young islanders. They organized parties where they cooked, danced and danced together. The material benefit was also the city in which it took place, accommodation, dining in the restaurants, shopping in the shops, renting equipment. There is also propaganda, dissemination of information about beauty, hospitality and natural beauties.


My opinion is that you have to be patient. Capital is there, projects and ideas exist. It takes time and additional activities to warn about existing projects. No matter how domestic they did not look interested, they still know that there was something to do with their island. When an opportunity occurs, someone will remember asking or finding information about these suggestions.



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