PROGRAMME - 9th Anatomy of Islands


27 | 9 | 2021 – 29 | 9  |2021

Island of Lastovo, Croatia

Monday, 27 September


8:00-9:00 Registration


9:00-9:30  Opening ceremony, Welcome speeches - mayor of Lastovo and symposium organizers


In memoriam: IVICA ZEC


9:30-11:00 Session I (Islands and Epidemiological Crisis), chair: Nenad Starc

Branko Kolarić, Karmen Arnaut, Maja Miloš

Island Epidemiological specificities –a Natural Quarantine

Ana Perinić Lewis, Petra Rajić Šikanjić

Death, Burial and Mourning on the Croatian Islands During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sonja Podgorelec, Sanja Klempić Bogadi, Josip Kumpes, Sanja Lazanin

Aging in One's Own Home on the Island During the COVID-19 Pandemic


11:00 – 11:30  COFFEE BREAK


11:30-13:30   Session II (Challenges of Island Strategic Management and Tourism Development), chair: Axel Luttenberger

Ratimir Zimmermann

Spatial Planning on Croatia’s Islands – What is Planned and Whom it Serves

Marijana Sumpor

Strategic Planning of Sustainable Island Development and Resilience

Majda Rubić

Special Protection of Islands According to Article 52 of the Constitution of the Republic of Croatia

Jana Vukić, Ivana Katurić, Ariana Korlaet

The Role and Changes of the Local Community and the Importance of a Comprehensive Participatory Process in the Development of Planning Documents for Croatian Islands

Jelena Zlatar Gamberožić

Sustainability and Resilience of Adriatic Islands – Examples of Different Types of Tourist Development


13:30-17:00  LUNCH BREAK


17:00-19:30  Smart Islands


Nenas Starc, SMILO

Manuela Antičević, LAG Škoji

Ugo Toić, Island Development Agency Cres (OTRA)

Vjeran Piršić, NGO Eko Kvarner, Krk

Marija Vukov, NGO Tatavaka, Zlarin


Book presentation: The Notion of Near Islands. The Croatian Archipelago. ed. Nenad Starc

Chair: Marina Blagaić Bergman

Participant: Nenad Starc, Anica Čuka, Tomislav Oroz, Ana Perinić Lewis, Sean Turner


Tuesday, 28 September


9:00-11:00  Session III (Temporal Aspects of Islandness and Crisis), chair: Marina Blagaić Bergman

Anica Čuka

Island Temporality Seen Through a Prism of Changes of Island Traffic System  

Nenad Starc

Island Development Policy in Spatial and Temporal Collision

Sonja Podgorelec, Sanja Klempić Bogadi

Return Migrations: Time Points of Islands and Islanders

Tomislav Oroz

Island Communities Facing Crises’- Temporal Escapism and Social Production of Island Time


11:00-11:30  COFFEE BREAK


11:30-13:30  Session IV (Island Ecosystems and Climate Change), chair: Lidija Runko Luttenberger

Agnes Michelot

Small Islands of French Polynesia facing Climate Change: Analysis of Principe of Ecological Solidarity

Marie-Ange Schellekens

The EU Approach to Climate Resilience:  What Benefits for Island Communities?

Olga Orlić, Nataša Bokan

The Path to Sustainability: Economic Practices of Solidarity on Croatian Islands

Inna Merkoulova

Island-city Sviyazhsk: Between Lotman's Semiosphere and Likhachev's Ecology of Culture


13:30-15:30  LUNCH BREAK


15:30-17:00  Session V (Challenges for Island communities - Crises of (Un)Sustainability and Tourism Development), chair: Anica Čuka

Lidija Runko Luttenberger

The Significance of Islands in Education for Sustainable Development

Zrinka Ljubešić

Island of Lastovo – an Unique Oceanographic Phenomenon

Axel Luttenberger

Challenges in Regulating Marine Litter




Wednesday, 29 September


9:00-10:30  Session VI (Transformations of island identities), chair: Nenad Starc

Stjepan Šterc

Freedom in Space and Time – Distinguished Islands Wealth

Josipa Slaviček

Perception of the Island of Hvar as a Whole and the Sense of Affiliation to the Island

Marina Blagaić Bergman

Energy Transition on Croatian Islands: Ethnography of Island Futures


10:30-11:00   COFFEE BREAK


11:00-13:30  Session VII (Island communities), chair: Tomislav Oroz

Olga Orlić

Practices of the Solidarity Economy in the Past: The Shepard Commons Association in Baška

Mauro Pudu

Islands of Power: Retrieving an Archaeological Past for the Islands of t1he Future

Joško Ćaleta, Iva Niemčić

From Idea to Realization:

Eviva nam kumpanija, poša nam je alavia! (Eviva our company, our job is alavia!) Uvooo! - Ethnography of the Lastovo Carnival (poklad)




13:30-17:00 LUNCH BREAK


17:00 Anatomy of Islands: Centre for Research and Development – members’ meeting


19:00-21:00  Literary evening – Writing the islands, Guests: Jurica Pavičić and Senko Karuza














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