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Creole cuisine is a cuisine characteristic of some former European colonies. It implies a cooking style created from a mix of different influences: European, African, Caribbean, American, Indian and others. Creole cuisine is found, among other things, in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Martinique, Guadalupe, Haiti, and others), in much of South America, and in the state of Louisiana, USA.


In New Orleans and the American Southwest, one of the most original and recognizable cuisines of the United States was born. Thinking of it as a pyramid, Creole cuisine with classic French cooking techniques and a wealth of food offered by the proximity of the Mississippi River and the sea and the fertile hinterland of Louisiana would top. Fish, especially catfish, crustaceans and shellfish, rice and corn, but primarily numerous spices, are the main ingredients of this cuisine.


Louisiana is an area of ​​great immigrant influence. It is generally known that Louisiana was founded by the French, so that European aristocrats, or rather sons of European aristocrats who were not firstborn, could thus inherit nothing else. In addition to moving property and education, they also brought with them their chefs and culinary traditions. It was not only French nobles, but also Spanish, Italian and German. Although the culinary terminology of Creole cuisine is mostly based in France, the influence of other European cuisines is strongly felt.

Today, the word "Creole" means one specific cuisine in the United States, more sophisticated and complex than Cayenne cuisine.


Creole is a term previously used for persons born in Spanish colonies, supposedly exclusively of Spanish descent, although in practice it was possible for them to be mixed children under certain criteria.

In the United States, the word "Creole" refers to people of any race, descended from colonial French settlers from Louisiana before becoming part of the United States in 1803. Later, the name creoli was occasionally used for people of African descent born in Louisiana.


Some typical Creole cuisine:

Gumbo - Onion, meat or fish soup of African origin

Jambalaya - meat or fish with rice, a dish of Spanish origin, a paella derivative.

Shrimp Creole Vegetable shrimp of French-Spanish origin.

Red Beans and Rice  originate in Haiti

Crawfish boil (crabs cooked with vegetables)



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