New Issa



Yesterday (14.9.2018.) was the final day of the mini-symposium “New Issa – World Centre for Island Life and Culture” organized by the Anatomy of Islands on Vis.

The goal of the new project, which the Anatomy of Islands is launching on Vis, is to explore the possibilities of setting up a single centre which would gather all the island countries in the world on Vis.

There are 100 countries in the world that have islands. There are 60 true island countries, while the rest have islands as part of their territory.

The project is at an early stage of development. The idea is to slowly gather information on the island countries, contact them and establish cooperation with those that express interest. 

14 people participated in the symposium – 3 professors and 4 students from Japan, 2 professors and 2 students from the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, 1 professor from the National School of Architecture Paris Val de Seine, 1 professor from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb and a representative of the Anatomy of Islands.

On the first day, the participants got acquainted with site of the ancient Greek town of Issa. On the second day, lectures were held at the Ivan Vitić Cultural Centre in Komiža (Prof. Joško Božanić held a lecture on the Vis Archipelago Geopark and Prof. Darko Radović held a lecture on 4 theses dealing with the Vis peninsula Prilovo and written by students of the Polytechnic University of Milan). In the afternoon, the participants visited some villages on Vis, and in the evening, there was a work meeting to draw conclusions. The most important conclusion was that this topic should be explored further.



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