The Association of Anatomy of Islands - Center for Research and Development, founded in 2011 in Vis, completed its planned five-year cycle of international symposia and workshops in 2016. For her work she received the most prestigious professional award of the Society of Architects of Zagreb, ARTUR 2016.
With a similar program, this time only international symposia, some members of the association continued their activities in Lastovo in cooperation with the local association. After two symposia, the third scheduled for September 2020 had to be canceled due to the corona.
In five years on Vis (2012-2016), the Anatomy of  islands has had over 100 presentations by renowned experts, all of which have been recorded and are always available on the website of the Anatomy of  Islands At the workshops, architecture students from several countries (Japan, Italy, France; Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and others) realized 24 projects with topics from Vis locations (Vis, villages, Komiža). These projects are also permanently available on the Anatomy website. So when the time comes and residents of Vis are interested in these projects, they are stored and waiting.
One realized project "Japanese Tea Pavilion" (behind the primary school in Vis), in which faculties from Japan, Italy and Slovenia participated with the help of workers from Vis, did not go well. The Japanese made a project, the Italians provided the timber and the Slovenes sawed it all off and brought it to Vis. Japanese and Italian students with the help of local workers assembled the pavilion in a few days. The construction of the pavilion, which did not have a single nail, was characteristic. After the grand opening, the pavilion was unfortunately devastated and only parts remained, as a sign of disrespect for other people's efforts. And for that, as well as for the projects, which are waiting on the website, a more suitable cultural climate should come.
The Anatomy of  Islands has not been discouraged by such an attitude towards the great efforts made to promote Vis and its cultural and tourist heritage. Since 2017, a new project is being prepared on Vis - the planning of the "World Center for Island Life and Culture" in the town of Vis. What would that mean? What is the basic idea?
There are 43 island states in the world and 41 states that have islands in their composition. The link between all these countries are the islands. They all have a specific cultural, historical and tourist heritage. The goal of this project is to organize a place where information, cultural offer, films, gastronomic offer, exhibitions and meetings of various island cultures would be exchanged.
As one of the suitable locations for such a center, we see the Kanarija Building, today an abandoned and neglected area that would perfectly suit the new purpose.
The first steps to realize this project are primarily virtual. Today's communication possibilities are so great that they enable the preparation of a large part of the project without any major financial resources. Contacts should be established with similar associations, tourist boards, local authorities and interested individuals, in order to set the basic program and ways of implementation. When this part is ready for public presentation, it will apply to various funds, ministries and donors.
At the moment, we are working on one segment in particular, island gastronomy.
Each state has its own kitchen. Most often they are a mixture of multiple influences, historical, climatic, ethnic and others. A search of a country's eating habits yields very interesting results. It suggests that an unknown dish be made in another environment where it is not known. This gives an even greater wealth of culinary procedures, stimulates curiosity and the accumulation of new experiences.
The Association of Anatomy of Islands, with its project "Nova Issa - World Center for Island Life and Culture", is launching an idea that would not be complicated to implement, and would bring a new attraction to the island.
Being able to try an Icelandic dish on Vis, Maltese or Irish, could increase the gastronomic offer for both residents and tourists. It does not require large funds, and can be implemented in a number of ways. It is possible to work according to recipes, days of this and that kitchen can be organized, autochthonous chefs can be invited.
For starters, they would limit themselves to neighbors. There are two island states in the Mediterranean, Cyprus and Malta. There are only three left in the rest of Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland. Can we imagine that on Vis, from the beginning of June to the end of September, we have weeks of these cuisines. Undoubtedly it would be interesting and attractive.
As an example, you could choose two dishes from each of the cuisines of these five island states:
Cyprus - Souvlaki and Moussaka
Malta - Bragioli and Fenkata
United Kingdom - English Breakfast and Fish and Chips
Ireland - Colcannon and Boxty
Iceland - Beinlausir fuglar i Lifrapilsa
Vis - Komiža bread and Octopus on salad
We are convinced that we would find interested individuals, schools, restaurants and family farms on Vis. At this time, a new Development Strategy of the city of Vis for the period 2021 - 2026 is being drafted, so it would be good for this project to be included in the Strategy, because this increases the chance of obtaining EU funds.
For the Anatomy of Islands team
Bosko Budisavljevic



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