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The island state of Ireland has the same population as Papua New Guinea and Croatia. Croatia is not an island country, but it has beautiful and very interesting islands. From one of these, the island of Vis, we write all these texts and publish them on the website Our ultimate goal is to establish on Vis the "World Center for Island Life and Culture". Initially virtual and later with real physical contacts.
Ireland is an island European country bordering the United Kingdom (UK). The constitutional system is parliamentary democracy. It has been a member of the European Union since 1973 and its official currency is the euro. The official language is Irish and English.
The largest part of Ireland, about three-quarters of it is flat. The average height of the plains is 150 m. There are numerous islands along the west coast, the largest of which are Achill, Clare, Inishobin, Bear and Inishturk, and the Aran Islands. The largest part of Ireland accounts for about 70% of meadows and pastures. Of the many domestic animals, the most important are horses, dogs and livestock.
The Celts reached Ireland around 300 BC. They controlled the country for about 1000 years and left behind the culture and language that has survived to this day. The movement for independence from the United Kingdom gained mass in the mid-19th century. Following the Land Act of 1903, an agrarian reform was implemented in Ireland to make Irish tenants the owners of the leased land. In the summer of 1914, the whole country was engulfed in civil war. Since 1949, Ireland has been an independent state and since 1955 a member of the UN. In the early 2000s, Ireland had full employment and imported labor.
The population of the Republic of Ireland has increased significantly in recent years. Immigration has the biggest impact on this increase. Lately, a lot of immigrants are coming from Croatia. The average population growth per year was 2%. The Irish economy before1980. It was "traditionally" organized and not particularly successful. At the time, Ireland was far behind the United Kingdom and the rest of Western Europe. Today, Ireland is the world's second largest exporter of computer software. Almost a third of all PCs sold in Europe are made in Ireland. Comparing the level of development of Ireland and the United Kingdom, we can conclude that, as traditionally underdeveloped, Ireland has succeeded in reaching the United Kingdom in some 20 years. According to Wikipedia, Irish GDP per capita is $ 69,300 and the United Kingdom is $ 39,720. Foreign trade and banking predominate in services. Tourism revenues are considerable.

There are about 50 cities in Ireland. The capital Dublin has a population of over 500,000. In addition to Dublin, only one other city, Cork, has a population of over 100,000 and everyone else from 65,000 to 9,000.



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