Hi Bunny

Hi Bunny
The Anatomy of  Islands will never be the same again.

With sadness at heart and fond memories, we announce that our secretary and valuable associate and irreplaceable friend, Ivica Zec, have left us.

Since 2012 and our first symposium on Vis, Ivica has participated as a conference and consecutive translator, and as a host and organizer of the program. With his rarely seen erudition and authentic curiosity for island topics, he contributed year after year to the quality of the overall program. His refined sense of humor and intuition in human relationships made him a loyal activist of our organization and a warm friend and eternal mediator of the often hectic island stories. His professional contributions and dedication to the Anatomy of Islands program, hard work on applications for funding, creative ideas and faith in our vision is irresistible.

Our dear Bunny has changed each of us seamlessly and gently into better people and will continue to live with us and in us.

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