What in the five island states of Europe can a common denominator be? 

Meat, fish and dairy products. Mostly lamb.
Malta and Ireland also use wildlife, more than others.
Thick vegetable soups in all variants.
In Cyprus, "mezes" are something that is not found in other island countries.
Ireland is traditionally associated with potatoes.
United Kingdom with English breakfast and fries with fries.
In Iceland, raw fish is traditionally consumed, which is just a new fad in other countries.

Maltese and Cypriots love musaka.
Minced meat with rice in wine leaves.

These are just some sketches. In today's time of travel and tourism, it is difficult to find completely indigenous cuisine because the world has become globalized. Food origins are no longer known where they come from; everything comes from all over the world.

What Do Tourists Eat on Cruisers?

Could there be a restaurant on Vis offering a variety of dishes from the island states of the world? I think if the prices were moderate. One sometimes craves for some exotics.



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