Boško Budisavljević



In Slobodna Dalmacija, a paper on giving concession to one of Lastovo's islands for the construction of hotels, villas and marinas was published. The rescuer is the State Property Ministry, which was 9 March 2019. . issued a public call for tenders for the establishment of a building right on the land owned by the Republic of Croatia for the construction of hotels and villas and for the award of a concession for maritime use for the use of beaches and construction of two marinas.


 The location is mostly empty, there is only one downside and some former barracks of J.N.A.

 The bureaucracy is neatly done. The Spatial Plan, then the UPU (Urban Planning Plan) was adopted. A public hearing was held involving only 8 participants. The formatting and capacity requirements are stipulated by the UPU.


Bids must cover a complete procedure. Bidders must submit the plan and amount of the total investment and commit to the realization of the complete program. They need to submit a design project for the tourist resort and content on the maritime estate. This should also include the Certificate of the Competent Authorization for Location Licenses that the design project is in accordance with the UPU. Bids are submitted to the State Property Ministry.


The selection criterion is the highest bid amount. The Election Commission was elected by the Government of the Republic of Croatia on 1 February 2019. The deadline for submission is 14.5.2019. The deadline for completion of the complete project is 5 years, and after that deadline the investor is obliged to pay an annual fee of 2.900.000,00 kn. The concession is issued for 50 years.


Let us resume. The state announces a tender for one of the most attractive locations on the Adriatic, the outermost island of Lastovo. The deadline for submission of complete documentation is 2 months and 5 days. This certificate also includes the Certificate of Conformity with the Planning Documentation.


The bids are evaluated by the Government of the Republic of Croatia as a substitute for the jury in architectural tenders. In each such competition, the names of the jury's experts are usually mentioned. This competition has only come out on the State Property Ministry's website. Obviously, this Ministry finds it capable of choosing the best solution in which the quality of the conceptual solution does not play any role. The criteria are solely the sum of the fees for the right of construction. The only hope is that a committee of experts has been elected. However, there is no guarantee that the quality of the design will be anything to do with it.


It would be interesting to see the composition of the commission.



The mayor of Zagreb, who himself selected the location for his "Manhattan", set a very short deadline for the submission of bids and appointed a commission to decide. Citizens of Zagreb do not give any information what is foreseen, who has decided it. The identical play is already in action in Belgrade (Belgrade on the water), and the investor is, in all likelihood, the same.



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